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Addressing the root cause of health issues...
                                    In March 2015, Ehris                                     Urban opened Grounded                                     Holistic Wellness, LLC, in                                     Woodbury, CT. 

                                    Ehris grew up in a family                                     passionate about holistic                                     medicine. She is a certified                                     Ingham Method reflexologist through the International Institute of Reflexology. Ehris has attained Foundations of Herbalism and Practices & Protocols certification through Twin Star Herbal Education, and is continuing her studies. Additionally, she is a Flower Essence Therapy practitioner. Ehris became interested in Reiki as a teenager and attained Reiki Master certification at age 17. 

She teaches a variety of herbal workshops throughout New England. A graduate of Western Connecticut State University with a B.A. in Anthropology/Sociology, she is also a certified ESL teacher. Ehris enjoys beekeeping, tending her organic vegetable and herb gardens, and working in her apothecary. 

"Get yourself grounded, and you can navigate even the bumpiest roads in peace."
             - Ehris Urban
Healing can come in many forms:
A reflexology session, a Kombucha workshop, an herb walk, a Medicinal Chocolate Truffles class filled with the laughter of like-minded people - they're all about healing -  and that's what you'll find at Grounded Holistic Wellness.
The Grounded Goodwife: 
Historical/Medicinal Workshops taught by herbalist daughter/historian mother duo, Ehris & Velya.